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I think my dog broke…


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AkA how to camp with a dog and not have a gross, dead-bug-infested, dirt-and-pine-needle-encrusted water bowl.  I always felt bad for Zoso when he would sadly poke his nose at his collapsible water bowl while out camping.  Inevitably, some giant and terrible insect had committed buzzy suicide into his water and he found he was no longer all that thirsty…

This past weekend, we knew we would need something more portable for the little beagle because we planned on hiking around with him for hours during the hottest day of the year.  Year?  Maybe even decade.  It was HOT.  And a little water bowl that doesn’t clean out well just wouldn’t do.

Luckily, while shopping for gear at REI, we came across an excellent solution to our problem: the Gulpy Portable Water Dispenser!  This thing is amazing!

You fill it with nice, cold water and clip it to your belt or backpack.  Whenever it’s time for a water break, you just pop open the bottom, squeeze the bottle a bit and let your pup drink the fresh, clean water that comes out!

We ended up getting two bottles (one 20 oz and one 10) so whoever had Zoso for the time being could take one with them.  This came in super useful when we were driving because I was able to reach the back seat and squeeze some water out for him (no, I wasn’t the one driving).  No mess and able to use it in the car!  How incredible is that!?  This really is the perfect camping accessory if you have a pup, or even just for a long walk or a day out with the dog!  I can’t recommend this enough!

Now, at $9, the REI price isn’t too bad.  But if you want to know a secret, we were also able to find them at TJ Maxx and Marshalls for only $4!  So wherever you may find this bottle, I totally recommend it for your pups hydration.  It is worth any price at all just because of its convenience and ability to keep the water nice and fresh inside.

But don’t take my word for it.  Just look at this happy face:

Thank you Gulpy water bottle!

Hello folks!  I’m doing a little blog revamping because I’ve been neglecting it for about a week (that is, taking a short break to think) and it’s time to get the gears turning again.

So I’ve decided to start reviewing products.  Most will be pet related, some will not.  Some may not seem pet related but – surprise – you can use them that way!  Some of these reviews will be sponsored as I’ve signed up with Vocalpoint to do reviews for products they send me for free.  Free is a pretty great word, don’t you think?  But I will also review stuff just because I’ve used it and either really liked it or… not so much.

So stay tuned for reviews!

Every spring and summer, when I find myself in a wooded area, I happily dig through the ground cover looking for my favorite newt.  The red-spotted newt to be exact!  I’ve always known them as red efts, which apparently refers to their land-dwelling juvenile stage.  Who knew?


Hey there good-lookin'!

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This week’s kitty is River!



(image property of the Concord-Merrimack SPCA)


Clearly River has a lot of energy.  He’s nearing a year and a half old, but has the energy of a kitten!  What’s not to love?  River finds his way into every fun thing he sees.  So basically River is a lot of fun to be around and is looking for a home to call his own.


Could your home be the one?  To learn more, contact the Concord-Merrimack County SPCA.  And feel free to check out their other animals while you’re at it!


World, meet Chula!


I am a HAPPY dog!

(photos property of Wags & Whiskers Pet Rescue)

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I did it again!  Boo, me, boo!


Taken at WaterFire


Quote by Siochain of Something Awful, speaking about one of their clients.

Her husband stopped at the shelter all the time on the way home from work because it was on the way from his walk to and from the train station. There was this awesome dog, super nice, calm, stubby legged wiry mutt, and the guy fell in love with him and continually asked his wife about adopting him. She kept saying no, but secretly went and adopted him one day, while the guy was at work, knowing he’d stop at the shelter on his way home. He calls her all sad that the dog was gone, and she maintained that it’s too bad, but they just couldn’t have a dog. Then the guy gets home and Winston is waiting for him.


50 Photos of Bassets Running!

Help Catsparella help these cute kitties.

If only pigs stayed this adorable forever.

Has it really been four years of the Daily Coyote already?

There’s no escape from adorable Eleanor!

Gorgeous goats at Roving Acres.


A short list today for I am Le Tired.



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