This is Fry.  He was probably the best cat ever.  He always gave us a story to tell, whether it was about the door we had to break down when (on the first day we had him) he locked himself in the guest room, or when he figured out how to turn the thermostat up to 90 in the summer… truly he was one incredible cat.
We only knew Fry for a short time – just 10 months, and he cetainly was the most expensive cat ever to cross paths with me (never trust a “free cat” add) but I don’t regret spending that kind of money on him for an instant.  His short life was plagued with illness and ended one sad night just after Thanksgiving 2010, just a year and two months after he was born.


Fry was awesome and his destructive ways will be reflected on our curtains and walls for years to come.


-Shine on you crazy diamond-