This is Menush.  Menush was the original awesome pet, because she was our original awesome pet.  Sure, there were cats before her, however Belle was picked out by my brother before I was born, and Mack was… well he was a legacy.

But Menush wandered into our back yard one warm, summer morning and howled and howled and howled.  She was just a little thing, no more than a week old, and covered in dried blood and scratches.  The vet’s assistant wanted to keep her, but my sister and I begged our dad to let her be ours!  Well, more my sister since I was just a tyke.  My sister raised her from a tiny little thing into a small bitchy thing covered in thick, frizzy fur that managed to get its way into everything we owned.  Tumble weeds of cat hair wandered the lonely hallways of our home.

Menush had an attitude, but she was a good cat.  She was one of the constants in our life – you could always count on her to be waiting at mom and dad’s, even if she didn’t remember you at first.  You could always count on her to take th comfiest place in the house (usually your bed).  You could always count on a hairball lurking where you least expect it.

And one quiet day, twenty years after she wandered angrily into our lives, she was gone.  But she’s still pretty awesome.

Hard Knock Life

Gone, but impossible to forget, especially because I keep finding her hairs randomly in our house (one she never even set foot in).