Meet Spot.  Spot doesn’t have the most original name, but in the world of shelter names I think he got off easy.  They can choose some pretty odd ones.

Anyway, Spot needs your help because he’s scared, alone and downright miserable.  He’s a dalmatian – jack russell terrier mix (god knows how that works) and still very young, perhaps only a year old.

Spot is a good boy, very gentile and good natured.  He just wants a person and a home to call his own.  Sadly Spot is at a shelter that has very few adoptions, and usually ends up having to put most of their animals to sleep to deal with over crowding.

Can you help Spot?  To learn more, or talk to the staff at the shelter, please go to the Animal Advocates of Chattanooga County page or call 706-857-4970.  They are located at 464 Red Oak Road in Summerville Georgia.

Please help Spot.  He’s a good dog.