This week’s Monday Meowser is Newman.  I’m sorry, Newman, you got a name that makes people associate you with a character from an old TV show that they didn’t like.

I’m sure being a Newman mustn’t be all that terrible, but your expression makes me think it probably is.  You’re too young to be stuck in a cage, possibly for the rest of your life.

Newman looks a lot like a cat my family had when I was growing up.  His name was Mack and he owned the neighborhood.  He got stuck up so many trees, the firemen stopped coming to get him down!  The last time, my dad had to rig up a pulley system, and hoist a trash can with tuna at the bottom up the tree.  Once Mack jumped in to nosh on the fish, the can was lowered back to us.

Anyway, Newman is young and grumpy and I bet he’d make a lovely companion!

He’s 8-10 weeks old and listed as weighing 2lbs, which seems off to me, but he might be a teeny tiny little guy.  Perhaps he’s poofing himself up for the camera?  His personality is listed as “shy” which is understandable when you’re stuck in a cage all day.


If you’d like to learn more about Newman, his ID number is 12633993 and he currently resides at the Greenville GCAC in South Carolina.  Please hurry, his time is running out!

The GCAC can be contacted at or 864-467-3950, and they are located at 328-C Furman Hall Road in Greensville, SC.