Alliteration is great, right?  Anyway, I didn’t post Saturday because we were out of the house almost the entire day!  Basically we were running around like crazy people from 10am until midnight, so no posts then.  I was going to post on Sunday, but I got caught up watching a cat give birth live, streaming on the internet.  She’s had six kittens so far and at least one other is still expected.

I’ve also dragged myself into some sort of Red Dwarf marathon and forget to do anything else for the day…

So anyway, here is a make-up post for the weekend.  Today I’d like to talk about oral health – for cats that is.  My older cat, Ed, had remarkably good teeth that have just started to build up a bit of plaque.  So my vet suggested I brush her teeth every few days.  The new boys had pretty awful teeth when I got them, so they get the royal treatment, too.  Brushing cat teeth is fun, right?  (Thanks to my sister for these pictures).

Ed loves the malt flavored tooth paste.


Ford (?) is less keen on it.


And Arthur wanted nothing to do with it.

Not a fan.


And the dog also gets his teeth brushed, though only one tooth needs it.  I’m still not sure how he managed that one.