One of my favorite blogs, Gala Darling, has a weekly update called “Things I Love Thursdays” where she posts lists of things she loves!  Each week is new and exciting with tons of bits and bobs to click on and explore.  I like the idea but have always sucked at updating blogs on a daily enough basis to do something like this.

WELL I SUCK NO MORE!  I mean, it’s all fine and good to harass you with constant pictures of my pets – I love doing that – but I sometimes find cool stuff online that I’d like to share.  So why not share, right?

Here are the things I love this Thursday.

Spell your cat’s name, with furniture!

This is Robin’s rock – don’t touch!

Tumbles the cat gets to walk again.

Cat man fashion shoot.

Little Milo is on the road to recovery.

Dog buscuit appreciation day!

Boy kittens fighting adorably.

and last but not least, a deaf dog grooves to good vibrations.

I hope you love these things as much as I do.