Alas, no weekend posts again!  We had to do a ton of work on the living room – work which involved turning off power to a few rooms.  Whoever wired our house back in the 50’s desperately wanted to own some sort of crazy circus fun house.  The only power in my entire computer room is to a wall socket that was being used by my scanner and printer.  No lights, no computer, no nothing.  Also the hallway light, the kitchen light, the front porch light… circus fun house of ELECTRICAL HORRORS!


Anyway, I also did a lot of yard work, and I feel like the best place to be right now would be on this very bed:

There are only two problems with that:

1- I am currently at work and wont be home for a while yet


2- Zoso peed on that bed a few weeks ago and we are currently guest bed-less (dogs, am I right?)