This week’s Friday Fido is a gorgeous coon hound mix named Buddy.  Look how beautiful he is!

(the picture belongs to Rolling Dog Ranch)

His coat is so rich and red, it reminds me of the description of Big Dan in Where the Red Fern Grows (when he’s getting buttered up for judging).  As you can see, Buddy is blind.  However, as anyone with a hound could tell you, they don’t use their eyes much anyway.  He’s got a nose and that’s really all he needs to get around!

Buddy has seen it all – metaphorically speaking of course.  He’s been on death row in a southern shelter.  He’s lived in a hoarder’s overcrowded home.  And he is one of the lucky few to find his way to the loving door of Rolling Dog Ranch.  If only all dogs were so lucky!  If only we could adopt another dog right now, I wouldn’t be posting this profile here, I’d be calling the Ranch myself.

Is your home the right one for Buddy?  For more information, here is his Petfinder profile.