And by hiking, I mean a rather nice stroll.

Last Saturday we found ourselves at the Blue Hill hiking area walk thingy.  We took the path around the pond, which was very nice if a bit overcast.

It was my husband, myself, two of our friends and a rather sullen hound.  You know, The Dog.  He doesn’t like his gentle leader much, but it has made walking with him so much easier.

This winter left a lot of damage in its wake, most of it still just laying around.

But, as always, spring brings new life.  Fiddlehead ferns are quite nice in a stir fry.

There were all sorts of cool things to look at.

Skunk cabbage.


Pouting beagles.

Itty bitty plants!

It was just over four miles around, so a nice way to spend a good day.

So many pretty things.


But all fun comes to an end sooner or later.  And by then it’s time for a nap anyway.

I should just get a fake car scent hanger and write “hound” on it, because that’s all my car is ever going to smell like.

That was our Saturday adventure!