This week’s Meowser is a cheeky fellow.  Waffles should have been named Dali – don’t you think?  Look at that mustache:

(photo property of PARL)

And now look at this:

The resemblance is striking!  And those green eyes of his are enchanting.

Much like the paintings of Dali, Waffle’s life prior to the shelter is a mystery.  He was found a stray at four years old, and no one is sure how he gets along with dogs or kids… or anteaters or ocelots…

Poor Waffles has been waiting for a new family to scoop him up, and he has been waiting a while.  How can anyone resist that face!?

Waffles is waiting for you at the Providence Animal Rescue League.  For more information, please see his profile page, and please give this guy a chance.  With whiskers (and whiskers) like that, he must be absolutely incredible!