So Ed pretends to hate the twins.  She swipes at them, leaps on them and thoroughly loves blocking the basement door flap with her butt so that when they come tearing up the basement stairs, they slam into her bulk rather than going through the flap.

But recently she let her guard down, and they took immediate advantage of that fact.  I caught them all sleeping together (but Ford jumped down as I was snapping the picture, because he’s a jerk like that).

Now Every morning I peek into the guest room, and they’re all snuggled up on the quilt together.

I’m pretty sure that quilt is Ed’s kryptonite.  She is powerless against it’s cuddliness.

And I may have dumped Ford on the bed for this picture.   The flash always makes his face look funny.

Ed will put up with a lot to be able to sleep on that bed.  Can’t blame her, though, it’s really quite comfortable.