Just like any time the weather gets warmer, the week feels like it’s flying by!  And another Thursday is upon us, so here are my things (now with more than just links!):

Smuffin24 on Something Awful:

My husbands dog

1) Opened my dresser drawer
2) Removed my heating sack (like the bags full of rice you microwave)
3) Proceeded to gut my heating sack and eat lavender scented rice
4) Crap lavender scented rice in my dining room
5) Finally, came into my bedroom and proceeded to fart LOUDLY little clouds of rice. Yes she was literally farting out rice.

I…I just….why?

Flowers from my yard.

Introducing: Blind Louie!

Euthanasia in Jacksonville, FL cut from 30,000 (in 2005) to just 8,000 this year – now lets get that down to ZERO!

Former Michael Vick pit receives key to the city :]

Catsparella is having a $50 PetSmart gift card giveaway!  Enter to win (and read the rest of the blog, too).

I wish wish wish I could volunteer with Bad Rap – maybe you can?

A sweet little website for folks freaking out after adopting their first dog.

Learning about food allergies vs food intolerance.

Cohen is truly a smarty pants dog – congrats on the herding instinct certificate!

Oh no, terrifying dogs!

I wish my dog loved water – summer would be a lot more fun with him.

This dog might love it too much.

Zombies beware: these pits are on the job.

Oh no, I've been found out!