Today I bring you a puppy. Now usually when people ask what I’d recommend in a dog I say NOT A PUPPY! Also NOT A BEAGLE! But I almost always say no puppies because, lets face it, they’re difficult. Just like kittens (I always say no kittens, but end up with them – go figure) they are rude, destructive, still learning their potty training, rude, have insane amounts of energy and are rude. Basically you’re taking on the toddler of another species and trying to raise it to be a sensible member of your family.

BUT ANYWAY here is Mya. With a smile like this, I cannot resist:

(pictures courtesy of Ruff Start Rescue)

I know I'm cute!

Mya is listed as a pit bull terrier, but if you’re not comfortable with that (if you are that’s awesome) she could probably be listed as a generic brown dog or something else.  If she doesn’t grow into those ears, she could also be listed as “brown bat”.

Seriously, don't I own this look?

She’s only four months and seven weeks old, so she’s still working on her potty training and learning other basic rules of doggy politeness.  Looks like she’ll have trouble stopping on linoleum floors for a while, as well.  Look at those flippers!

I have been defeated by puppy cuteness.

Apparently this dog loves to cuddle – that can’t be a bad thing!  She also likes to sleep in bed with her foster family (she can snuggle up on my bed if she wants).  Her adoption fee is $300 and that is along with a spay/neuter contract (she is still too young).  However she has been micro-chipped.

Oh god, I just died of cute overload.

Mya is waiting for her new family at Ruff Start Rescue.


Ruff Start’s contact information can be found on their website.  Someone better scoop this dog up fast before I start hounding (see what I did there?) my husband about her!  She’s just TOO precious.