Hello, Thursday!  Here are your things:

Flowers from my garden.

This week’s story is by Nerdmann from Something Awful:

I am sick and got out of bed this morning needing to throw up, so I stumbled to the bathroom with my eyes basically closed, forgetting that my stupid dog has decided that anything soft on the floor is for her to lie on, so she was on the bathroom rug. I kicked her by mistake and when she whimpered, I bent down to console her and um, I kinda threw up on my dog. Not a lot and I immediately turned to the toilet, but yeah, I threw up on my dog.   She seemed quite confused by the gagging and the stuff on her back but I got her in the bath before she could try to lick it off or anything. More work for me, but I feel a lot better now and next time she throws up on something of mine, I’ll just call it even. Sorry dog!

Hah – whoops!

Daisy has a heated cat pad – I wish I had one of those…. for me!

Patrick has come so far!  Look at how awesome he looks now!!

I think I need the Meowmorphosis.

Raed learns kitty agility at Best Friends.

Life with cerebellar hypoplasia.


Short video showing many of the banned BSL breeds – kind of shocking!  Lets stop BSL.

Dogs aren’t always helpful with house cleaning.

Dakota is fuzzy – way way way too fuzzy!