In just before closing!  Sorry about the delay – I’m sick, at work and swamped!

Anywho, this is Boomer:

Quick, look surprised!

(pictures belong to Charles River Alleycats)

Boomer has been chillaxing at the Charles River Alleycats rescue, waiting for YOU!  And no, I didn’t pick Boomer because his name happens to be a character I like in Battlestar.  Ok – maybe I did.

But just look at his sweet face and scruffy attitude.

Kitty Needs a Belly Rub!

Boomer is just two years old and likes to spend his time either rolling around, playing, or cuddling!  You need this cat – yes you do.

Someone Give Me A Home!

To hear more about Boomer, or some of the other cats at Charles River Alleycat Rescue, please visit their website for contact information.

Admit it: you need Boomer in your life.  (And don’t you dare change his name!)