Hi!  I’m Tycho!


Smooshy Head

(images property of the Metrowest Animal Awareness Society and Kitcat Photos)

Tycho came to the shelter inside his mom, Moon, named for her size and shape when she first appeared.  He and his brother are now outside of Moon and wreaking adorable kitten havoc wherever their prancing white feet carry them.

So Fuzzy!

Orange cats are pretty great.  We had one named Mack when I was a kiddo and he ruled the whole neighborhood.  He had enough personality to fill ten cats, and from what I’ve heard, that’s pretty normal for the gingers.

Pestering Mom

Tycho and his brother will be available as of June 7th, however this shelter’s policy is to adopt kittens under 6 months out in pairs.  You should get both!  Besides, a single kitten is a good way to cause a total emotional breakdown (trust me, I know this) and when you have two, you can just point them at each other and hope they don’t pester you for an hour or so.


For more information, please see the Metrowest Animal Awareness Society’s page.  He also has a Petfinder Page.