What?  It isn’t Friday yet?  Grumble grumble.

Summer is awesome.

This weeks quote comes to you courtesy of Skizzles of Something Awful:

I had a friend in high school whose fat cat would madly hump this stuffed monkey toy they had. It was really awkward to just be sitting in the dining room, carrying on a conversation, while Gizmo slowly and silently molested this worn-out looking monkey in the corner.

Cat Chat on Adopt A Cat Month.

I’ve got to get Zoso this hat so he can finally fit in.

My dog is half the dog Cohen is…

Funny how pets just eat up your cash sometimes…

So much disapproval.

Pets and Their Vets sounds like a cute show.

Great dog playing action shots!

Of Pit Bulls and Patience asks the hard questions.

Bailey lost the good fight, surrounded by those who loved him.  Or perhaps he won.

Mushroom dudes around on the couch.

A walk through a wilderness wonderland!

Have a beautiful day, people and pets!