The weeks feel like they move pretty quickly in the summer.  It’s a shame – I’d love to savor the weekends, somehow fit in everything I want to do!

This week’s meowser is Kallista!  She is a picture of beauty and mystery:

Gorgeous Eyes

(photos property of SARL)

Kallista is still just a kiddo at one year, two months old, and she looks like she’s got a lot of sass to give.


As a black cat, she’s already fated to having a difficult adoption.  People are so cruel when it comes to black cats and dogs, calling them unlucky and evil!  How could that face be evil?

Goofy Look

Kallista needs a home where she can be independent and still cuddly.  She would be a great friend to an already established kitty, or ok on her own!  How can you resist her shiny fur?

To learn more about Kallista, please contact the Salem Animal Rescue League in Salem, NH.  They can also be reached at (603) 893-3210.