Today is going to be different because I couldn’t pick just one.  Today’s Friday Fido is all the dogs at the Chicago Animal Care & Control.  (Images property of CACC)


My name is Coco

Now I can’t put up everyone’s picture, but here are some more of the dogs there:


I’m Coco’s sister, Princess!


I'm Vera and my family left me here alone.


I don’t even have a name!


I'm Hadley - I wish I had a real bed to sleep on.


I'm Freddy and I am so scared to be here!


For more information, please visit the Chicago Animal Care & Control page, or their Petfinder page.  Alternatively, here are a few email addresses you can also contact:


** Alisa Harris:
** Elena Harris:
** Deb Harris:
** Alycia Hayes:
** Nette Martino:


Someone bring these pups home.  They shouldn’t suffer just for lack of space.