This week’s fido is Missy!  She is the image of confident, happy and young!


I am beautiful!

(photos property of DCSPCA)


Missy is waiting for you at the DCSPCA: Dutchess County SPCA in New York!


Make sure you get my good side.

Just look at her!  She has such a wonderful look and also looks like she’s ready to play at the drop of a hat – or a bouncy ball.


I look good and I know it.

She’s a snorty pup who loves to lounge on the couch, go for a walk, or whatever you want to do.  She’s not picky!  The only thing she is picky about is no cats or kids.  But hey, that’s fine with you!  She’s the perfect pup for you and your home.


Do you want to bring Missy home?  Please contact the DCSPCA or check out her Petfinder page.  This girl deserves a great home!