Finally!  Friday!  This week’s fido is JayJay:


Who can resist this smile?

(pictures property of One Tail at a Time Rescue)

JayJay has been through a lot in his life already and clearly dealt with quite a bit of neglect in his past.

Who let me get like this?


He’s about three years old, friendly with other animals and kids!  He’d be the perfect buddy for you and, much like my houndy hound, is a big ol’ couch potato.


So cozy!


He’s a medium doggy at about 60lbs (so much bigger than Zoso!) and is absolutely full of joy and a love of life that I can sense even from his pictures.  JayJay needs a home to love him and make sure he’s never treated poorly again.  Could you be that home?


Say yes - please say yes!


For more information on JayJay, please visit the One Tail at a Time website, or check out their Facebook page!