Every spring and summer, when I find myself in a wooded area, I happily dig through the ground cover looking for my favorite newt.  The red-spotted newt to be exact!  I’ve always known them as red efts, which apparently refers to their land-dwelling juvenile stage.  Who knew?


Hey there good-lookin'!

So there I was hiking with my mom, and we had both stopped to take a breather.  I glanced towards her feet and saw something bright, orange and wiggly!  Screeching with joy, I pointed at the newt and ran to get my camera.  My poor mom, not realizing I was only after a newt, squealed in horror thinking there was some enormous bug at her feet.


I am NOT a bug!


Once my mom realized it was only a newt she quickly lost interest in my newt-grabbing antics.  But how can you not want to just grab these guys and keep them forever?  Well, I don’t have the skill or set-up to keep one in the house, but I love finding them out and about.  I also love finding, catching and just generally chasing lizards in Florida.  Something about having lizards and amphibians running around willy nilly is really just a paradise to me.


Cute ltitle arms!


I’ve always been the kind of person that, coming upon an animal or lizard or snake, I have to pick them up and get to know them better.  Sometimes this works out great.  Other times squirrels bite me.  But hey, that’s life.


I gotta get out of here!


Finally it was time to say goodbye to my new buddy.  It was fun while it lasted, and I named him Philip.


Seeya later, alligator?


Farewell, Philip the red-spotted newt!  Enjoy your adult life!