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The first thing folks notice about Arthur is usually his tail.  Same with when we had Fry, same with Ford.  Most commonly I get asked “who cut it off?” or “how did that happen!?” and people tend to be surprised that Arthur (and Ford and Fry) was born that way.

Or maybe they just notice the cuteness.

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That's all I am to them.


So Ed pretends to hate the twins.  She swipes at them, leaps on them and thoroughly loves blocking the basement door flap with her butt so that when they come tearing up the basement stairs, they slam into her bulk rather than going through the flap.

But recently she let her guard down, and they took immediate advantage of that fact.  I caught them all sleeping together (but Ford jumped down as I was snapping the picture, because he’s a jerk like that).

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Cats in a box.

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Completely Different:

From 4-11-11



Click the image to view the video on a different site (Picassa).

This seat’s taken.


No one gets left out, even if they can’t jump onto a window sill very well.



Thanks for the pictures, mom!

Thanks to my mom for taking these pictures (and babysitting three cats and a dog for half a week!):



It’s easy to see who the leader of this trouble-making duo is.


Play time is serious business.



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