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I did it again!  Boo, me, boo!


Taken at WaterFire


Quote by Siochain of Something Awful, speaking about one of their clients.

Her husband stopped at the shelter all the time on the way home from work because it was on the way from his walk to and from the train station. There was this awesome dog, super nice, calm, stubby legged wiry mutt, and the guy fell in love with him and continually asked his wife about adopting him. She kept saying no, but secretly went and adopted him one day, while the guy was at work, knowing he’d stop at the shelter on his way home. He calls her all sad that the dog was gone, and she maintained that it’s too bad, but they just couldn’t have a dog. Then the guy gets home and Winston is waiting for him.


50 Photos of Bassets Running!

Help Catsparella help these cute kitties.

If only pigs stayed this adorable forever.

Has it really been four years of the Daily Coyote already?

There’s no escape from adorable Eleanor!

Gorgeous goats at Roving Acres.


A short list today for I am Le Tired.


I am scrambling to catch up on these posts!  I hope you like them!

Sacrifice to the gods of the STUMPS THAT WONT GO AWAY ALREADY!

I’ve been listening to Groucho Marx lately, so today’s quote is from him:

A black cat crossing your path signifies that the animal is going somewhere.

And now on to the list!

Doctor Cat MD is adorable.

Cute Boys With Cats delivers exactly what it promised!

Fugly Dog of the Day also delivers, even if I disagree on their views of  “American Bullies”

It is always important to include your pets in your budget.  People are sometimes staggered by the amount of money we have spent on our animals.

Sage is clearly braver than Zoso, aka Mr. Scared of our relative’s chickens!

Eleanor is tiny and adorable.

Helping your kitty deal with loss.

Chanel kitty creeps me out.

Cat Chat gives us the down low on how to win a year supply of Worlds Best cat litter!  AMAZING!

Cats Are Weird



Today’s quote comes courtesy of Silver Nitrate on Something Awful:

My dog barked so hard at the mailman, she almost threw up. What the heck, Biscuit.


News on the flooding in Minot, North Dakota, and how you can help.

Want to train your hound?  Here’s now to break or train scents!

Dog with four prosthetic feet walks, runs and plays.

Gorgeous new pet loungers being developed.

Catsparella digs up more cat-centric clothing.  Soon my closet will be complete…

The Beagle Freedom Project just had another rescue!

This cat is barely holding in its anger.  Take the hat off – I dare you.

And a hilarious video of a cat barking like a dog :]



I Love a Good Poppy


Something Awful user Moot1234 says:

I think the day has finally come. I FINALLY know I’ve been on the internet too long because I just google image searched “square wombat poop”.


Cat shaped dresses – just what I need to permanently scar my husband with fear…

Cautious Kitty Meets Musical Mouse – Bouncy bouncy!

A good lesson on dog body language.

Dogs vs. Sprinklers!

Tips on helping with dog car sickness.

Grand Old Dogs Senior Sanctuary just opened!

And some adorable pet outfits.



Hey the week is almost over – again!  They keep going so quickly.  At this rate, summer will be over before I’ve had a chance to enjoy it.

I can't wait to get back to Rockport this weekend!

This week’s quote is courtesy of Superconsndar on Something Awful:

Somewhere in the dark recesses of my parent’s attic there exists, from my childhood, a talking Ren doll. You pulled on its belly button and it would say rude Ren things. Over the years the voice thingy started to die and last time I found it while cleaning out the attic, probably 2 years ago or so, it made the most god awful screeching demon noise when I pulled the string.

Dakota’s review of “Don’t Lick the Dog, Making Friends with Dogs”

Ms. Maple was on the Daily Toki!

How to pack an emergency survival pack for your pup.

Hooray Catdrugs!

Willow got her miracle (you will not come away from this with dry eyes).

I want to be as comfortable as this cat looks.

Goat figures out how to hack a food vending machine at a petting zoo!

A muddy dog is a happy dog.

Dog gets the BEST BIRTHDAY EVER!!!


What?  It isn’t Friday yet?  Grumble grumble.

Summer is awesome.

This weeks quote comes to you courtesy of Skizzles of Something Awful:

I had a friend in high school whose fat cat would madly hump this stuffed monkey toy they had. It was really awkward to just be sitting in the dining room, carrying on a conversation, while Gizmo slowly and silently molested this worn-out looking monkey in the corner.

Cat Chat on Adopt A Cat Month.

I’ve got to get Zoso this hat so he can finally fit in.

My dog is half the dog Cohen is…

Funny how pets just eat up your cash sometimes…

So much disapproval.

Pets and Their Vets sounds like a cute show.

Great dog playing action shots!

Of Pit Bulls and Patience asks the hard questions.

Bailey lost the good fight, surrounded by those who loved him.  Or perhaps he won.

Mushroom dudes around on the couch.

A walk through a wilderness wonderland!

Have a beautiful day, people and pets!

Right now I’d love a good nap in the warm summer sun.  Preferably near an ocean.

Quote of the week is courtesy of Pandaid on SomethingAwful:

My cat is racist. She prefers white mice toys over other toys. She’s also brought me 5 toys today, meowing to announce her victory. This is a record for her. Number 6 may be in the works.

Robins nest live!  Watch the babies hatch… eventually!

Pittie walking gear – sometimes it takes a while to figure out the best gear for your routine.

Dorothy the chicken looks like a fine, feathered friend.

Shaved kitty bellies are the softest things on earth.

Maple has such a sweet little smile.

Born Again Daisy – a tearjerker of a story.

Cats rule, dogs drool.

More baby lambs!  I am foaming at the mouth from the shear cuteness of it all.  See what I did there?

Hello, Thursday!  Here are your things:

Flowers from my garden.

This week’s story is by Nerdmann from Something Awful:

I am sick and got out of bed this morning needing to throw up, so I stumbled to the bathroom with my eyes basically closed, forgetting that my stupid dog has decided that anything soft on the floor is for her to lie on, so she was on the bathroom rug. I kicked her by mistake and when she whimpered, I bent down to console her and um, I kinda threw up on my dog. Not a lot and I immediately turned to the toilet, but yeah, I threw up on my dog.   She seemed quite confused by the gagging and the stuff on her back but I got her in the bath before she could try to lick it off or anything. More work for me, but I feel a lot better now and next time she throws up on something of mine, I’ll just call it even. Sorry dog!

Hah – whoops!

Daisy has a heated cat pad – I wish I had one of those…. for me!

Patrick has come so far!  Look at how awesome he looks now!!

I think I need the Meowmorphosis.

Raed learns kitty agility at Best Friends.

Life with cerebellar hypoplasia.


Short video showing many of the banned BSL breeds – kind of shocking!  Lets stop BSL.

Dogs aren’t always helpful with house cleaning.

Dakota is fuzzy – way way way too fuzzy!

Just like any time the weather gets warmer, the week feels like it’s flying by!  And another Thursday is upon us, so here are my things (now with more than just links!):

Smuffin24 on Something Awful:

My husbands dog

1) Opened my dresser drawer
2) Removed my heating sack (like the bags full of rice you microwave)
3) Proceeded to gut my heating sack and eat lavender scented rice
4) Crap lavender scented rice in my dining room
5) Finally, came into my bedroom and proceeded to fart LOUDLY little clouds of rice. Yes she was literally farting out rice.

I…I just….why?

Flowers from my yard.

Introducing: Blind Louie!

Euthanasia in Jacksonville, FL cut from 30,000 (in 2005) to just 8,000 this year – now lets get that down to ZERO!

Former Michael Vick pit receives key to the city :]

Catsparella is having a $50 PetSmart gift card giveaway!  Enter to win (and read the rest of the blog, too).

I wish wish wish I could volunteer with Bad Rap – maybe you can?

A sweet little website for folks freaking out after adopting their first dog.

Learning about food allergies vs food intolerance.

Cohen is truly a smarty pants dog – congrats on the herding instinct certificate!

Oh no, terrifying dogs!

I wish my dog loved water – summer would be a lot more fun with him.

This dog might love it too much.

Zombies beware: these pits are on the job.

Oh no, I've been found out!

Before I get into the list, I have some sad news.  My other turtle, Constantine, passed away over night.  It looks like he went in his sleep and hopefully peacefully on his little sunning perch.  He’s been buried near his sister’s grave, so Constantine and Josephine are together again.

RIP you cuties.

Anyway, here is this week’s list of things:

Meet Darena, the new Guardian Angel dog at Best Friends

Birthday Dogs!

Cat cupcake needs to be eaten.  By me.

Drama at the shelter!

Turns out water causes bunnies to rapidly deflate.

Everything you think you own belongs to your pets.

Blaargglbearble GIVE ME THE TOOOY!

Dog in a hole?  Yes, dog in a hole.



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