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World, meet Chula!


I am a HAPPY dog!

(photos property of Wags & Whiskers Pet Rescue)

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Finally!  Friday!  This week’s fido is JayJay:


Who can resist this smile?

(pictures property of One Tail at a Time Rescue)
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I don’t think I’ve ever been so glad to type out the word “Friday”.  Thank goodness!  Hello weekend!

This week’s fido is named Red:

Who would hurt a cutie like me?

(photos property of Canine Lifeline)

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This week’s fido is Missy!  She is the image of confident, happy and young!


I am beautiful!

(photos property of DCSPCA)

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Today is going to be different because I couldn’t pick just one.  Today’s Friday Fido is all the dogs at the Chicago Animal Care & Control.  (Images property of CACC)


My name is Coco

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Oh my goodness – just look at his face!


(image property of the RISPCA)

Look at those big sad eyes – how could you say no?  You can’t, that’s now.

Clyde is meant to be your little guy and, deep down, you know it.  He is a two year old pug/boston terrier mix currently waiting for you at the Rhode Island Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RISPCA).  He needs your help and he needs it now!  Clyde is neutered, house trained, up to date on his shots and just bursting with love and energy.  How can you pass by this face and not want to bring him home?

Quite frankly, I’m tempted, but I’m pretty sure my husband would have some sort of mental break down if I brought home another pet…

ANYWAY, Clyde is at the RISPCA in Riverside, RI.  Their webpage can be found here and he also has a Petfinder page with information.

Yay, it’s Friday!  Yay!!

Here is this week’s doggy:

How could I say "no" to an Arthur??

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Today we meet  Buster.

Concern Wrinkles!

Buster is running out of time at the Highlands County Animal Control in Sebring, Florida.  He’s just a little thing, weighing in at a MASSIVE five pounds!  He’s around three years old and apparently just wants to cuddle with you, but I bet he’d love to play some games indoors and out.   The wrinkles of concern all over his face are almost overpowering me, and his wee eyebrows are just adorable.

Someone, give Buster a hand!  He has four more days before they do the unthinkable to this little guy.  He needs your help.  In-state adopters only pay a fee of $75.  Out of state, it’s $250 but worth every penny, I’d wager.  He’ll also come fully vetted – what a fantastic deal!

For more information:

Highlands County Animal Control
7300 Haywood Taylor Boulevard
Sebring, FL 33876
(863) 655-6475


Contact Patti Barcus on Face Book or

Today I bring you a puppy. Now usually when people ask what I’d recommend in a dog I say NOT A PUPPY! Also NOT A BEAGLE! But I almost always say no puppies because, lets face it, they’re difficult. Just like kittens (I always say no kittens, but end up with them – go figure) they are rude, destructive, still learning their potty training, rude, have insane amounts of energy and are rude. Basically you’re taking on the toddler of another species and trying to raise it to be a sensible member of your family.

BUT ANYWAY here is Mya. With a smile like this, I cannot resist:

(pictures courtesy of Ruff Start Rescue)

I know I'm cute!

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