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For a second I thought it was Tuesday and was freaking out about forgetting this.  Then I realized it’s Monday and that made me sad.


This week’s kitty is Margarite!  She’s a sweet, young dilute tortie who is looking for a cozy house to spend her life in.  Could yours be the one?

What a sweet little face!

(image property of WMASS)

Margarite is currently living at the West Milford Animal Shelter Society in West Milford, New Jersey.  My boys came from New Jersey, so they’re turning out some awesome cats down there!  Clearly this girl is going to be an awesome friend to somebody – I just hope she finds them soon.  She’s fully vetted and ready to meet you!


For more information, please contact WMASS at their website, or check out their facebook.

I Love a Good Poppy


Something Awful user Moot1234 says:

I think the day has finally come. I FINALLY know I’ve been on the internet too long because I just google image searched “square wombat poop”.


Cat shaped dresses – just what I need to permanently scar my husband with fear…

Cautious Kitty Meets Musical Mouse – Bouncy bouncy!

A good lesson on dog body language.

Dogs vs. Sprinklers!

Tips on helping with dog car sickness.

Grand Old Dogs Senior Sanctuary just opened!

And some adorable pet outfits.



Today is going to be different because I couldn’t pick just one.  Today’s Friday Fido is all the dogs at the Chicago Animal Care & Control.  (Images property of CACC)


My name is Coco

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Today we meet  Buster.

Concern Wrinkles!

Buster is running out of time at the Highlands County Animal Control in Sebring, Florida.  He’s just a little thing, weighing in at a MASSIVE five pounds!  He’s around three years old and apparently just wants to cuddle with you, but I bet he’d love to play some games indoors and out.   The wrinkles of concern all over his face are almost overpowering me, and his wee eyebrows are just adorable.

Someone, give Buster a hand!  He has four more days before they do the unthinkable to this little guy.  He needs your help.  In-state adopters only pay a fee of $75.  Out of state, it’s $250 but worth every penny, I’d wager.  He’ll also come fully vetted – what a fantastic deal!

For more information:

Highlands County Animal Control
7300 Haywood Taylor Boulevard
Sebring, FL 33876
(863) 655-6475


Contact Patti Barcus on Face Book or



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